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The Mailbox Rule

The mailbox rule means that a pleading is deemed to be filed on the day it is mailed and not the date that it is received by the clerk.  In 2018, the Maryland Court of Appeals officially adopted the "mailbox rule" for unrepresented inmates in post conviction...

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Part 2: The Alibi Issue

It is our opinion that, if McClain's testimony had been presented to the jury, it would have "alter[ed] the entire evidentiary picture," because her testimony would have placed Syed at the Woodlawn Public Library at the time the State claimed that Syed murdered Hae....

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Oral Argument in State of Maryland v. Adnan Syed:

I wanted to get this out sooner, but I've been swamped with my own cases.  By now, much has already been written and discussed regarding oral argument in State v. Syed.  Journalists published their articles that day and you can now purchase an audio of the arguments...

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Guilty Plea Problem

95% of felony convictions in the United States are obtained through guilty pleas according to a campaign by the Innocence Project and Innocence Network that you can read more about here.  22 states and the District of Columbia expressly permit those who have entered...

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