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Erica Suter is AWESOME!!! My husband is on his way home!!!

“My husband was serving a 45 year sentence with 5 years mandatory. He was looking at a mandatory release date of 2039 but with good time, etc he was looking at being out by 2029. I hired Erica for the sole purpose of the Health General for my husband.

Upon Erica first looking at the case, she realized that my husband did not get credit for 475 days. After which she also noticed it was said that he was to serve his sentence consecutive (by DOC commitment) but orders by the court were given concurrent as was stated in the documents. Erica was able to get 15 years knocked off of my husbands sentence and he will be released as early as next week or as soon as commitment is able to recalculate his time! Erica Suter is an awesome, diligent and thorough attorney who will have your best interest at heart. Anyone looking for an “awesome” attorney please don’t hesitate to call her.”

– Carolyn


I’m a free man because of Erica Suter

“Prior to hiring Erica J. Suter, I had multiple bad experiences with lawyers. With Ms. Suter there was a comfort level and genuine interest in my case that I never expected from an attorney. Over the last eight years I utilized Ms. Suter’s services four different times, and every one of those times I felt she did an excellent job writing and filing the petitions and then expertly arguing the points once in court. Ms. Suter always went above and beyond and was always willing to talk to my family and whenever we had questions and concerns. Even after we had received a favorable decision in court that we knew would result in my eventual release she made daily attempts to expedite the process.

From contacting the Courthouse, Commitment and the institution I was housed in she never stopped fighting to secure my freedom as quickly as possible. Six years ago I had a Life Sentence and was facing a bleak future. Today I’m able to write this testimonial as a free man living with my wife because of the relentless, passionate hard work and commitment of Ms. Erica J. Suter.”


– Michael


The truth, excellent attorney

“My Name is Lance. I was sentenced to 53 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. I was told by a fellow inmate about Erica Suter. She came to see me free of charge. When she went over my transcripts she said their are flaws in this case. Well the rest is history, read the April 14th 2014 issue of the Daily Record. My case made the front page. The Court Of Special Appeals over turned, my case less than two weeks. I was re-tried by the state hired another attorney and was found NOT GUILTY. The real truth came out in the second trial. Suter is Awesome, a fighter, and she’s not corrupt. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Thank You Erica Suter.”  
– Lance


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