UPDATE: A 7th Circuit panel of  three judges granted the State’s emergency motion to block Brendan Dassey’s release.  The order indicates that Mr. Dassey will remain incarcerated pending the outcome of the appeal.  I can’t imagine what Mr. Dassey and his family must feel like right now.

Today the Court Ordered Brendan Dassey released no later than 8 p.m. Friday, November 18, 2016.  See the Court’s Order below.  You can also read the Court’s initial order granting release below.  The Court denied the prosecution’s motion to stay, ruling:

In the motion to stay the respondent largely reargues the same points already considered and rejected by the court in deciding Dassey’s motion for release. The court finds that reconsideration of these arguments yields the same conclusion. The respondent’s motion to stay is denied.

It looks like Mr. Dassey will be enjoying his first Thanksgiving with his family after over a decade of incarceration.  Congratulations to Mr. Dassey and to his very capable legal team!