The Danger of Loud and Wrong: a Public Service Announcement

    “Loud and wrong” is an expression of which I’m rather fond.  It applies when someone is equal parts incorrect and adamant that they are right.  Another way to describe this state of being is confident and uninformed or my personal favorite, “Strong with no money.”  Though I harbor a certain, peculiar admiration for the kind of person who is so completely without shame, self reflection, or concern that they could be making an utter fool of themselves, this behavior presents a genuine danger to clients and attorneys. […]

Can the court lower my sentence?

Short answer: Yes, if the defendant or the attorney filed the right document at the right time.  That does not mean that the court will lower the sentence, but the option isn’t even on the table if the proper document was not filed at the proper time.  In my practice, I have seen the full gamut of rulings on Motions to Modify Sentence, from flat denials at the time of filing to life sentences being modified to time served sentences, which resulted in a defendant’s immediate release.  In all likelihood, such defendants would have otherwise died in prison.  What happens in a particular case depends on a number of factors that are unique to that case, but a defendant won’t even have a chance at this type of relief unless the Motion is filed on time.